Monday, July 13, 2009

A Piece Of Gum Stuck To the Bottom of a Shoe

My daughter was asked to write about what it would feel like to be a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe. Here is what she wrote - I think it's hilarious:

"I am a piece of bubble gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe. I am being squished every two seconds. It really hurts my...whole body. I think I was just dipped in mud. Now I feel as if I am flying and landing on grass and dirt every once in a while.

As the shoe I am on is being lifted up, I see a girl behind me, running. She seems to be chasing me. I can't really see anything on the ground because I am smushed down too quickly. When whoever owns the shoe walks slowly, I sometimes get quick glimpses of carpet or pavement. When my shoe is taken off, it is thrown down, so I can see what the inside of a person's house looks like.

Inside the house, I hear a dog barking. It sounds like it is coming closer. Thankfully, I hear a girl say, "No Pixie, don't lick my shoes!" Now the girl walks over and puts her shoes on. I hear a "thwack!" as her other shoe goes down.

It smells like french fries in this car. When the girl gets out, I get a big breath of fresh air. She walks in an open door and suddenly a whiff of Italian food comes at me. It smells delicious. I hope I can get a taste.

While the girl, whose name I learned is Amy, walks to her table, I taste some spaghetti that had fallen on the floor. It tastes a lot better than my usual dinner menu - mud soup. I just figured out that if I wanted a snack, I could just lick myself. I am JuicyFruit bubble gum. Being gum on the bottom of Amy's shoe is a full-time job."

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