Friday, December 11, 2015

The Politics of Fear

We are a nation with enough guns in circulation to arm every man, woman, and child.  Yet we are fearful of a handful of terrorists on the other side of the earth.  We are so fearful, we let our leaders trample on our privacy in the name of keeping us safe.  14 deaths by terrorists cause us to contemplate closing our borders and hearts to refuges fleeing for their lives.  A handful of deaths by terrorists scare us so much, yet the deaths of thousands every year by guns and other "American" violence leave us unmoved.

It is a strange and sad thing to behold in a country founded by immigrants whose battle cry seemed to always be "give me liberty or give me death."  Has "give me liberty" been reduced to "let me own guns"?  The right to bear arms was meant to help us defend all those other liberties & freedoms we cherish.  Such as the right to privacy.  Freedom of speech.

And politicians - some running for government, many already in government - use this fear to their advantage.  Mr. Trump is a veritable virtuoso at it.  Don't let them.  Terrorism is no different than all the other aberant deeds we witness every day.  We deal with it - we don't hand over our liberties to politicans promising illusory safety.

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